I’m sorting through things and cleaning out/throwing out things I no longer need, and came across a bunch of old photos, including this one of my grandmother and me. It must have been Easter Sunday when I was 10 or 11 years old. She was “Grandmother” in the book, but she looks pretty benevolent here. I know […]


I’ve been asked about my relationship with my mother after that tumultuous childhood, and if I hated her for the childhood I’d had. No. Just no! My mother was one of the warmest kindest people I know.  Her alcoholism was, as we now recognize, a sickness and not a character flaw.  Sadly, she never saw that.  Her […]

When Molly was about five, somebody threw a little dirty ratty puppy over the fence at the stable where I boarded my horse.  Not unusual — people dump unwanted dogs all the time.  This puppy was a sweetie, but one of her front legs was injured and she had raging diarrhea.  I helped get her cleaned up […]

Somebody asked me for a little background on Molly. I actually got her by accident when I went to a pet store to “look at books about dogs.” Right. The store had a couple of mixed-breed puppies that someone had brought in to sell. One was a small yapping poodle puppy, and the other was a beagle-basset […]

There are times that wonder why I went forward with publishing Sometimes I Cry.  It’s very personal and some parts of it are very intense.  I feel like I’m really putting myself out there with this!     By way of background, the writing dates to the early 1990’s, when Dan and I were separated.  Writing is how […]