There are times that wonder why I went forward with publishing Sometimes I Cry.  It’s very personal and some parts of it are very intense.  I feel like I’m really putting myself out there with this!  

By way of background, the writing dates to the early 1990’s, when Dan and I were separated.  Writing is how I coped with all the turmoil and sadness of those years.  I really never gave much thought to publishing it, so the manuscript sat on a shelf —  until right before the pandemic went into full swing.  I’d taken a class at UNM Continuing Ed and met Carol March, who eventually edited the manuscript and guided me through the whole process.  She thought it was good enough to put out there for others to read.  Based on her recommendation, I also showed it to a friend, who was a little hesitant at first but who took it home to read.  I think she was afraid of what she would find.  Melodrama?  Terrible writing?  Embarrassing copy?  :o)  That’s quite the opposite of what she found, thankfully.  Thanks for your encouragement, Jodi!!!  
The whole experience of those years living apart from Dan had a huge impact on my life.  They changed me in so many ways, and while I don’t regret any of the experiences I had, I do regret the hurt I caused Dan when I walked out.  I am beyond grateful that we’ve been able to work things out.  I cherish him, and I cherish our time together.
I hope you enjoy Sometimes I Cry!